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Dwarven Monoloiths

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These Dwarven Monoliths from Fat Dragon Games are HUGE!! Checking in right around 9 inches tall, they make Sir For Scale look very small!

These monoliths are perfect for your Dwarven kingdom! Use these stone giants to inspire awe or set an ominous tone for your players!

Each Monolith comes in 4 pieces and 4 pegs for gluing and assembly.


DND 3D Disclaimer

At DND3D we do our best to make sure every model we send out has been properly cleaned and cured before mailing to you. While attention to detail is priority #1, some minor blemishes may still exist in models.

These blemishes are:

  • Small lines or bumps caused by supports
  • Sanding and/or filing marks
  • Imperfections in miniature bases

Please note: this product may contain small parts and is not suitable for children under 48 months of age.


    **DND-3D is a licensed Fat Dragon Games Printer**