Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the processing time for 3D printed items?
    Our processing time for PLA 3D printed items is currently 1-2 Weeks.
  2. Will the color I get match the photos?
    We print all of our miniatures and terrain using ESun PLA Plus Grey filament, so, your minis and terrain should all look uniform.
  3. Are returns allowed? 
    For printed items, we would like to ask that you provide us photos or a description of your issue so we can decide how to address your concerns. Typically we send replacement minis or terrain pieces to rectify the issue.  
  4. What are the horizontal lines on the minis & terrain?
    Those are layer lines. They are the layers that the 3D printer builds on, one layer at a time, to eventually create the 3D finished product.  We do our best to reduce their visibility as much as possible, but they will be at least partially visible.  There are multiple techniques such as sanding, painting, and filler primer that mask them if they bother you.
  5. How do you handle miniature and terrain sizing?
    We try to follow the 28mm scale.  If we feel the size of the product is not satisfactory before printing, we research what the expected size of the monster is and scale it accordingly.  We test scaling with average size humanoids to make sure they're scaled as accurate as possible, with regards to what the monster is. We provide dice and other items within our photos to show scale, and we'd be happy to measure dimensions for you, just ask!